Why Content Is Queen 👑

Content is queen

Content is King. What about Content is Queen? Whatever you want to call it content is important. Let’s think of it more as a Kingdom of content, because that’s what you are going to need. Digital content specifically. Why? Because no matter what type of business you’re running, your customers are online and the digital space is competitive and complex.  There are 3 billion people on social media and we spend an average of two and a half hours each day on various platforms. 

First things first, where do you currently stand with digital content?  Do you have a content plan?  A roadmap of the story you are trying to tell?  Do you have a clearly defined brand to guide creation?  Many businesses push social media and digital platforms off as an afterthought.  A “fad” that isn’t a real business plan component.  If that is you, you’re missing out on customers.   Oh, you want more customers?  Ok great.  Let’s get to work then. 

Start with a 4 step program because 12 steps are too many. 

Step 1: Commit to creating content and understand what will attract people to your business.  Content is made up of a mix of photos, memes, blogs, podcasts, videos, survey’s and polls, contests and more.  Put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and start planning. 

Step 2: Create content that causes a reaction. Content should be 3 key things:  relevant, engaging and purposeful.  Does your content live in real time? Does it cause an action or reaction from the viewer?  What is the specific goal for that piece of content? 

Step 3: Measure the success of your content.  This is getting easier thanks to the analytics provided by digital platforms but these tools are widely underutilized.  Understanding how people are reacting to your content will allow you to refine the plan for greater success.  

Step 4: Repeat.

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