Top 10 Reasons Why Companies Hire Full Service Marketing Agencies

Emily Wood (left) Victoria Walker (right) of W Creative Agency in Clearwater, Florida

With consumer buying habits rapidly changing, business operations becoming increasingly difficult and technology ruling the roost, many businesses lack the resources to maintain relevancy in their space.  Employees are feeling the burn by taking on additional responsibilities in an effort to expand bandwidth without increasing payroll.  Whether you have an in-house marketing department or not, teaming up with a full-service marketing agency can save time, money, and increase revenue by strengthening your brand. 

10 Reasons Why a Full-Service Marketing Agency Help your Company?

An agency like W Creative Agency offers everything your business requires for marketing, promotions, and advertising under one roof.  The process usually starts with an audit of your needs and understanding of why a partnership can maximize results. Below are ten reasons why you need to start the process today.

1. Cheaper Than Hiring In-House

 It’s more cost effective, and sometimes the only way for smaller companies to afford professional services.  An agency fee can be project based or a pre-determined monthly retainer which is more cost-effective than hiring additional employees or overloading your current team.

2. The Latest Trends, Systems, and Software

Agencies are up to date on trends and technology. Performance-driven agencies use analytical reports, data, and software to provide results of marketing efforts. 

3. Leverage Their Experience and Talents 

Agencies have worked with various technologies, clients, and industries. They have the experience and consumer knowledge to see what your internal team may be missing. 

4. Scalability on Demand

You can scale your efforts up or down depending on new products, seasonality, or for any reason. With an internal team, you must hire and train to scale up or layoff staff to scale down. An agency is a phone call or email away. 

5. Work with the Experts

Today’s inbound marketing requires many areas of discipline such as SEO, content, social media, branding, and more. An in-house department may not have the bandwidth to keep up with all the channels.

6. Quantifiable Results

A quality company measures all metrics to see what is working and what needs to change.

7. Fresh Perspective and Ideas

Your company will benefit from new ideas and perspectives that you and your team may not see when you’re so close to a project. Fresh eyes and new blood can bring a company back to life.

8. Broader Skillsets

Your staff may not possess all the skills required for a comprehensive campaign such as graphic design or SEO. An outside firm is equipped with the talent and resources to bring your vision to fruition successfully.

9. Continuity and Work Overflow

An agency can step in at a moment’s notice. They can help during times of peak demand and work overflow situations, providing continuity to the brand message across all channels.

10. Complement Your Existing Marketing Department 

Divide and conquer your projects. Let your team handle the projects where they excel and outsource the other projects.  This division of labor enables your staff to be more efficient.