Super Bowl 2020 Gave You the Best FREE Marketing Tip of the Year!

Shakiras Tongue Super Bowl 2020
Shakira performing at the 2020 Super Bowl (Screengrab via NFL/YouTube/NFL)

Did you see it? No, not Shakira’s tongue – no one missed that. Did you catch the best thing you can do to grow your business during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl? No, it’s not hire Patrick Mahomes to come motivate your team, although that would be pretty cool. I know it’s Monday and we’re all still mad no one has made today a National Holiday but let’s review what we missed last night. The fourth quarter could not have gone more perfectly. I barely make it past half time most years but I was awake and here for it. It’s almost 10pm and we go to commercial break. For companies whose ads were placed towards the end of the game this was gold – the audience was engaged at the edges of their seats. Facebook hit us with their first ever Super Bowl ad! The 60 second commercial cost an estimated $10 million so they clearly had something to say. It featured Chris Rock and Sylvester Stallone which is an interesting choice and speaks to the generational reach Facebook has. Like the movie, Rocky, Facebook is now a timeless classic. The ad focused on Community Groups which are meant to bring people with common interests together. Why? Because Facebook has the people – 1 billion of them to be exactish.

Over the next several months, Facebook will be pushing us to join groups that fit our likes, interests and personal situations. Are you a mom of a teenager – there’s a group for you.  Love margaritas – yep, there’s a special group for you (and me – see you there).  Facebook is helping us channel the content we see to make our experience more valuable and relevant, hence increasing our use of the platform. 

What does this mean for your business?  It means consumerism (and our lives) are becoming digitally personal.  I have a broken toilet – yep, adulting is fun.  I need a plumber.  I hop on my phone and Google “plumber near me” and mindlessly scan the reviews.  What do you do when there are 10 plumbers, all with 4+ star reviews?  Ask a friend.  So I hop on Facebook because going door to door in my neighborhood would be rude and time consuming. I click on my neighborhood Facebook group. I search “plumber” which brings up all the other neighbors who have asked the same question and boom – one company is recommended multiple times. I called and have an appointment.  Done – now I have more time to focus on my new JLo workout plan. 

As a society we’ve become so disconnected in technology we are actually coming back around to be more connected using technology.  Enter, Facebook Groups.  Facebook has a sly way of changing our consumer behavior and they are at it again, but this time its’s kind of nice.  It’s nice to know you can join a group of people who share your interests, live in your community and are there when you need them. If you own a business, the most important thing you need to do today is explore the groups in your community relevant to your business.  This is an important and FREE tactic that will lead to growth in your customer base.  It doesn’t stop there so stay tuned to our Social Media Blog Series for more ways to effectively grow your business socially in 2020. Let us know if we can help connect your business to the right Facebook Community Groups to accelerate growth!