Facebook Live with Multiple Presenters: How to go live with other brands and businesses

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UPDATE: Facebook has just released they are bringing back Facebook Live With. Until they fully roll it out below are the steps you should follow to go live with another page.

As COVID-19 has changed the way brands are interacting with their consumers, businesses are looking for new ways to connect and engage during this time and remain social distancing. Partnering with a local business that aligns with your brand’s common goals and sharing information via Facebook Live is a great way to do this! Its simple to go live on Facebook yourself but when adding others it gets tricky!

While Facebook does not allow you to do this easily it is possible with streaming software and a video conference platform. Similar to game streaming on Facebook, going live with someone else will require you to download a third-party broadcast software like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) now referred to as OBS Studio. Streaming software allows you to maximize video and audio quality, include graphics, and have access to extra equipment like a computer, a camera, a microphone, etc. In addition, you will need a video conference platform. This is what brings your partner in on the live broadcast. Below are the steps W Creative Agency recommends to go Live on Facebook with multiple presenters using OBS and Microsoft Teams capabilities.

1. Schedule

  • Schedule a specific day and time to host your live
  • Schedule a video conference call on Microsoft teams, Zoom or any other platform that provides videotelephony
  • Schedule your Facebook Live via Live Producer (details here)

2. Download and Configure

  • Download, launch and configure OBS
  • Create a scene
  • Add your source to your scene. You will want to use Window Capture: This source pulls the feed from a single window.
  • Add a webcam (optional)
    • Right-click inside the Sources box in OBS.
    • Click Add Video Capture Device and type in a name for your source.
    • Select Video Capture Device.
    • Enter a name for your source.
    • Click Device Selection.
    • Choose your Device and modify how you want your webcam view to look.
    • You can open up your webcam’s settings by clicking Configure.
    • For webcams that have built-in microphones, make sure the correct Audio Input Device is selected under the Audio tab.

You now have two sources in your scene: a Window Source (which broadcasts the video call) and/or a Webcam Source (which broadcasts you).

3. Implement

  • Create the live stream on Facebook (details here)
  • Connect your streaming software to Facebook you can do this 7 days prior to the live feed
  • You can use Facebook Live Rehearsal Feature to make sure everything is seamless (details here)

4. Go Live!

  • Start your video conference call
  • Make sure your content appears correctly on OBS
  • Check your stream health
  • Go live on Facebook during your scheduled time
  • Don’t forget to add polls and questions throughout to better engage your audience!

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