5 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Business Page Right Now

5 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Business Page Right Now

Businesses across the world are closing due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 virus. Health officials have urged the practice of social distancing to slow the spread. During this time of isolation, individuals and businesses look to increase communication through social media. With all the attention online, now is the perfect opportunity for businesses to grow their social media following.  Here are 5 ways to grow your Facebook page and be ready to rebound.

Run Paid Ads

If you are not already using Facebook ads, you need to start now. Paid advertisements on Facebook are the most effective way of growing your page. Even if you only have a small budget for your marketing plan, Facebook ads should be a major portion. It will take some experimenting to figure out the “secret recipe” that will work for your business. Visiting the audience insights tool Facebook provides will help you target your ideal customers.  Understanding your audience is will help you deliver the right message. Get creative on how to bring value to the potential customers you are paying to reach. 

Join Facebook Community Groups

Facebook Community Groups are meant to bring people with common interests together. Why? Because Facebook has the people – 1 billion of them to be exactish. What does this mean for your business?  It means consumerism (and our lives) are becoming digitally personal.  I have a broken toilet – yep, adulting is fun.  I need a plumber.  I hop on my phone and Google “plumber near me” and mindlessly scan the reviews.  What do you do when there are 10 plumbers, all with 4+ star reviews?  Ask a friend.  So I hop on Facebook because going door to door in my neighborhood would be rude and time consuming. I click on my neighborhood Facebook group. I search “plumber” which brings up all the other neighbors who have asked the same question and boom – one company is recommended multiple times. I called and have an appointment.  Done. Identifying and engaging with the right groups that align with your business could replace your ad spend. Doing this is free – you just have to set aside the time to do the interacting or have W Creative Agency do it on your behalf.

Comment Section

The Facebook comment section is like the modern day bulletin board. People visit throughout the day and make small talk. Your Facebook page needs to have a voice that is unique to your brand. Your voice is created through the way you communicate with your followers — does your business respond to comments on your own posts? Visit other pages that are relevant, popular, or in the same industry and begin engaging with other people. Bring value to the conversation by replying and giving your opinion, feedback or just saying hello! This gives your brand a natural voice and people will feel a sense of connection. 

Post Frequently

Every post should aim to persuade, inform, entertain, explain, or describe. People today are getting their entertainment, news, information, and opinions from social media. Capturing the attention of your audience requires posting frequently with the purpose to achieve at least one of the five goals. This will also increase your credibility on the subject and bring value to the viewer.  The types of content you post and how you post also matters.   For example, when posting videos, it is better to post natively to Facebook rather than posting a link to a video on another platform like YouTube. Your video will be shown to more people and your followers will not need to leave Facebook. You want to make the experience as simple as possible. 

Sharing your Facebook page on other sites

Sharing your Facebook page to other social sites or through platforms like email is a great way to get more visitors. Your audience on Instagram will most likely be different than the one on your Facebook page. Let your followers know you have a Facebook page and post unique content on each platform to give them a reason to follow both. 

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